Guides to enhance erection strength using Cialis Pill


Natural over-the-counter sexual enhancement drugs for men

Potency concerns a large number of men around the world, but pharmacologists have developed many drugs that can significantly improve the quality of sex life in men. Over-the-counter natural sexual enhancers can be very different. Everyone knows very well that there is a lot of stress in our life, a bad ecology, and a lot of people lead an inadequately active way of life. From around the age of 40, many men have problems with potency. All of this leads not only to significant inconvenience, but also to serious problems in family life.
Chronic diseases and various health problems that have recently appeared in men of younger age also play an important role in this case.

It is necessary to consider in more detail the essential drugs for increasing potency:

Sildenafil 100mg. This drug is sold under the different brands that everyone is familiar with. This active ingredient was invented in France. The unique properties of this drug were discovered quite by accident as the drug was originally designed to treat low pressure. The medicine has a quick effect that sets in after a few minutes, but everything is individual. The duration of the action is up to 4 hours. However, despite the fact that today a number of more effective drugs for increasing potency have been developed, the drug has not lost its popularity. In addition to the original drug, there are also various generics that differ from the original in terms of their price.

Cialis was made on top of tadalafil, another active ingredient. This drug was developed much later than Sildenafil. The duration of its action is more than 36 hours, and the speed of onset of the effect is even higher.

Vilitra remedy is based on vardenafil, another substance in this group. The action occurs approximately 20 minutes after the exposure and the duration is approximately 4 hours. Among the main advantages of this drug is the minimal number of contraindications.

Ziden. This drug is based on a substance like Udenafil. The effect is achieved about half an hour after administration, and its duration is about a day.

However, it should be noted that such drugs have some contraindications. They cannot be taken with heart and kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure and a number of other chronic diseases. You cannot take such medicines either

In addition, such drugs cannot help in case of violation of male libido, or, in other words, intimate desires. These drugs are needed to strengthen the erection. According to the studies, these drugs are very effective. along with taking nitroglycerin.

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