Beating The Point Spread

Beating the pointspread is not as simple as many think. Linesmakers are not dumb and it's no coincidence that casinos and sportsbooks are plush and give away free drinks, free grub, and free bets to their patrons. People, vegas wasn't built on losers and bookies don't drive caddy's because from losing. When betting vs. the point spread you are betting at odds. Not a moneyline, but still at odds. There are some things you can do to increase your odds and some things you can do to decrease your odds of winning. This article was created to help you increase your odds of winning versus the point spread. It can be done but it's up to you to apply the necessary tools to do so. Too many sports bettors LOSE by not sticking to their guns. What are your guns? Let us show you....

The TV Game. Bookmakers creating the point spread know exactly which games are on TV (especially nationally televised or BIG games) and know that most bettors are "square" and want to bet on the favoite. So with that being said does that turn on any lightbulbs in your head? It does with us and we think that on nationally televised football games the point spread is inflated which gives some nice value to the underdog. Now this value may not be apparent to the eye, but to us we see a half point here and there as an opportunity for free money so we watch these games closely!

How many Monday Night Football Games have you bet on the fav and had it lose by a half point, a field goal, or less? TOO DAMN MANY! We'd be ludicrous to suggest taking the underdog in every big game, but please, for the good of your bankroll, consider taking the underdog in these matchups! You'll be glad you did...Besides, what's better than being a few points ahead to start the the game? Many envision the favorite winning the game, but try this...envision being up 3.5 or 6.5 points ahead to start the game! Football is a grind and anything can happen! The ball is shaped weird and when it hits the ground it can take a bounce in any direction! Consider betting underdogs!

2. Your Favorite Team. Stay away from betting your favorite teams. Betting on your favorite team with Betbubbles skews your vision of what can happen and what really will happen.

3. The "Coin Flipper" Oh man, the coin flipper really gets us. "I gotta have action so I'm gonna just pick a team and bet". Holy smokes, do you spit in the wind? Fart in elevators? @$#% where you eat? Heck no! Take a few minutes and handicap the game your betting! This may be as simple as checking to see if the team your betting on is a weak passing team and the opponent has the best pass rushing defense and secondary in the league. Don't commit finanical suicide! Check into what your laying your loot on otherwise you may be playing gambling roulette!

4. Watch the Lines/Odds. Lines and odds move throughout the week. Be sure your not betting "against" a line move. Line moves can be caused by heavy wiseguy action on one side of a game, a late breaking injury, or heavy action coming in on one side in which the linesmaker is adjusting with the hopes of getting action on the other side that's not getting much action. Don't live and die by this though....Line moves can be what are called "head fakes" by wiseguys in which they bet a bunch of cash on one side, the line moves to accomodate this wiseguy move, then they come back and nail the other side for twice as much. This is the new "thing" in wiseguy moves/steam plays so be very careful. There's no rush to get down on your bet. Just sit back and watch what happens and make your move when you feel comfortable in doing so.

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